A Strategy Developer would be expected to use advanced knowledge of CS and Maths to design and manage medium/long term efficient trading strategies.

We are looking for young, extremely bright, articulate, highly-motivated candidates to join our team. Candidates should hope to make a long-term commitment toward building a company. Candidates should be comfortable with working with deadlines and multitasking. This Online Learning Challenge will give you a flavor of what we work on. If you are good at this and you like this sort of a challenge then this is a good fit for you. We humbly submit that there are many aspects of real trading that could not be included in this competition. 

Our requirements are the following:
  • Should be awesome at C / C++ / STL. Experience in network, parallel/distributed, multithreaded programming would be very helpful.
  • Highly qualified BS, MS, and PhD graduates from top programs in CS, EE, Math and Physics 
  • Related work experience is helpful but not essential 
  • Must be proficient in Unix, Linux, and/or BSD programming
  • Scripts : Bash, Awk, Perl, Python. 
  • Linux kernel programming and/or device driver development knowledge a big plus
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively are essential.
Experience in the financial industry is not a requirement and we welcome candidates who have had no exposure to finance whatsoever. Background in mathematical modeling, which is an integral part of many other quantitative disciplines, would be helpful.
We offer the following:
  • Excellent compensation, with tremendous long-term earnings potential.
  • Ability to interact with highly talented and experienced professionals in a casual yet academic environment.
  • Ample cultural and recreational activities, with nearby access to New York City
To summarize we are looking for people who are, or have similar skill sets as Linux Kernel Hackers, ACM ICPC / Google Code Jam / Topcoder aces, and also have the ability to wear multiple hats.
In order to apply for this position, please send an email with resume to jobs [ AT ] circulumvite [ DOT ] com with subject : "Quantitative Strategist".