We are looking for Front end developers who can build stunningly beautiful and blazingly fast user interfaces for websites dealing with large scale data. We need someone who can bring in ideas to improve the design and write clean, precise and efficient code for a responsive and pleasant user experience.

 As a front end developer, you will bring interaction flows and designs from your designer counterparts to life. You will need to have the strength and courage to innovate on the cutting edge at par with any other digital products across the globe.    

 Our requirements: 

  • Highly skilled at front-end engineering using Object-Oriented JavaScript, various JavaScript libraries and micro frameworks (jQuery, Angular, Prototype, Dojo, Backbone, YUI, ReactJS), HTML and CSS.

  • Well-versed in software engineering principles, frameworks and technologies

  • A keen eye and a curious mind for experimenting with the latest frameworks and tools being released.

  • Compelling portfolio that demonstrates beautiful interactive experiences.

  • Ability to work with constructive criticism as well as adhere to deadlines.

  • A work style that is extremely detail oriented.

  • Contributions to OpenSource projects on GitHub a major plus.

  • Past experience with any financial or data heavy concept will be a plus.

  Your responsibilities: 

  • Develop the user interface for the given design and provide constructive criticism along with ideas to make improvements to the design.

  • Write clean, extensible and efficient code to make the user experience as responsive and smooth as possible across all device, browser and OS variants.

  • Test and debug compatibility across device, browser and OS variants.

  • Performance optimization using tools such as YSlow or PageSpeed

  • Ability to handle multiple projects and work quickly without sacrificing quality. 

Please include links to your portfolio or attach it along with your resume. In order to apply for this position, please send an email with resume to jobs [ AT ] circulumvite [ DOT ] com with subject : "Front End Developer".