Circulum Vite has a simple ambitious goal, to achieve maximum technological efficiency in financial markets. This competitions page will give you a flavor of what we work on.  If you are interested in joining our team, please send an email to: jobs [ AT ] circulumvite [ DOT ] com.

 You could indicate a preference for positions in the high-frequency algorithmic trading team

Research aspects High Frequency Trading

You could choose to indicate interest in building qplum
  • Systems Architect: Do you dream of building scalable real-time systems from scratch? Do you see design patterns everywhere you look? If you believe that good software design is nothing short of magic, we have a role for you that  you will love! We are looking for people who can build scalable, event-driven systems. If you have it in you to design and build such systems, you will enjoy the systems design test. To know more about the role, click here.
  • iOS App DeveloperWe are looking for an iOS Developer who possesses a passion for pushing mobile technologies to their limits and will work with our engineers to design and build the next generation of mobile applications in the finance and investing domain. Check out our iOS App Challenge.
  • Frontend Developer
  • Full Stack Engineer : Do you speak geek? Is reading ‘man’ pages one of your favorite pastimes? Then we have a role, the geek in you will love! We are looking for people who can build scalable web systems handling thousands of requests per second from scratch. If you believe you have it in you to build systems of such scale, try the Game Server Challenge. To know more about the role, go here.
  • Software Developer in StratDev : In the strategy development and deployment team, we are working on creating a framework to research investment strategies. A Strategy Developer in this team will be working on all aspects of building this system, and creating the strategies on it.

  • UI/UX Designer