DVC Trading GUI

posted May 26, 2015, 1:27 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 3, 2015, 1:28 PM ]

1. Double click on the jar file provided
2. The GUI will ask for a logging folder (when opened for the first time). Choose a folder.

1. Double click on the jar file provided or run
    $ java -jar <name_of_jar_file>
2. The GUI will ask for a logging folder (when opened for the first time). Choose a folder.

Sending Trades via GUI

To sell a security (DV Capital will be the buyer)
  1. Click on the corresponding cell in Size(Sell) column, and fill in the required size
  2. Click on the - (red minus) button in Sell column corresponding to the security

Similarly, To buy a security (DV Capital will be the seller)
  1. Click on the corresponding cell in Size(Buy) column, and fill in the required size
  2. Click on the + (green plus) button in Buy column corresponding to the security

NOTE: If a side (or both) are grey for any product at any time, then it means that we are not accepting on that side. The GUI will not accept orders n that side.

A small window (confirmation dialog) will open. The user can confirm the price and size there, and press OK button to send the trade. Pressing Cancel will close this window.

On a successful transaction, the confirmation dialog will show Request Successful, and Order History will also have a record indicating the status of this transaction.

After a successful confirmation (DVC agrees to buy/sell the security at the mentioned price and size), the user should send the corresponding cross trade to the exchange.
Otherwise, the GUI will show the corresponding rejection reason (visible in Order History tab)

Other Features
  • Searching for securities
To search for specific securities, the user can enter the name in the text box (as shown in the picture), and press on Search button.
To remove all filtering and show all securities, press Show All button

  • Editing Watchlist
Option 1: Click on Show All button. Then to add securities to the watchlist, click on the green + button to the left of security name, which you want to add. After doing this for all the required securities, click on Show Watchlist button. This will show only the securities you have chosen. You may also search for specific securities and add them to watchlist.
Similarly, to remove the security from watch list, click on red X button on the left of the security name.

Option 2: Go to Watchlist -> Edit Watchlist, and check the securities which you want to see. Uncheck the remaining ones.

  • Order History
The Order History tab shows transaction history for the corresponding date. This Order History is preserved even if you restart the GUI.
For older history, you may encrypt the log files with the corresponding date (as shown in the previous points).
Also, we keep a track of all the past logs on our servers. So, we can also provide them if you need the same, anytime.


Please drop a mail to dvctech [AT] circulumvite.com in case of any issues with the GUI. We'll respond as soon as possible.